09 April 2013

COL.COA - City of Lights, City of Angels and French Film Festival

Thursday April 18, 2013 at 2:30 pm - The Student Screening will be the U.S. Premiere of  THE MAN WHO LAUGHS (L'Homme qui rit), based on Victor Hugo's novel and directed by Jean-Pierre Améris (2012 - Running time: 93').  The screening will be followed by a Q&A with its writer/director.  Open to all students 17 and older including High School students. (See presentation of the film below).

The film will be shown in French with English subtitles. ADMISSION IS FREE.

Directors Guild of America,
7920 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046


Professors may reserve by sending us the following information at masterclass@colcoa.org

• Where they teach
• Which screening(s) they would like to attend
• How many students plan to attend

Students may reserve individually by sending us their name and school information at masterclass@colcoa.org

In addition to the Student Screenings, all COL•COA screenings from Tuesday April 17 to Sunday April 21 are complimentary for teachers/professors participating in the Educational program. Students can also buy tickets on site or on colcoa.org at the reduced price of $3 for all screenings from Tuesday April 17 to Sunday April 21 except for films already shown as student screenings.
THE MAN WHO LAUGHS/ L’Homme qui rit
US Premiere
DCP • Scope 2:35 • Dolby Digital• Color • 93 min
Genre: Drama, Romance
France, 2012
Directed by: Jean-Pierre Améris
Written by: Guillaume Laurant
Cinematography by: Gérard Simon
Film Editing by: Philippe Bourgueil
Original Score by: Stéphane Moucha
Produced by: Thomas Anargyros, Edouard de Vésinne
Cast: Gérard Depardieu (Ursus); Marc-André Grondin (Gwynplaine); Emmanuelle Seigner (La duchesse Josiane); Christa Theret  (Déa); Arben Bajraktaraj (Hardquanone)
International Sales: EuropaCorp
Based on the Victor Hugo novel whose main character was the inspiration for Batman’s Joker, the story revolves around a vagabond named Ursus and his two surrogate children he rescued as foundlings. The younger Déa grows into a beautiful and virtuous blind girl. She loves Ursus’ older charge, Gwynplaine, a young man with a kind spirit but whose face is deformed by a scar that makes him look as though he's always laughing. This entourage of misfits scratches a living in the fairs and carnivals of an imaginary European country in the 17th century. Gwynplaine is the principal draw; crowds are provoked to laughter when he reveals his grotesque face. But when Gwynplaine’s growing fame as a clown earns the attention of royal patrons, the trappings of power and privilege soon tear him from the stage, and from the family where he belongs.
 Jean-Pierre Améris was born in 1961 in Lyon, France. After graduating the Institute for Advanced Film Studies, he gained notoriety with his second feature, Les Aveux de l'innocent in 1996, which took three prizes at the Cannes Film Festival. His early films were realist works dealing with social themes, but with Call Me Elizabeth in 2006, and in 2010 with Romantics Anonymous starring Benoît Poelvoorde, he began to move toward a more boldly visual style. Released in France in December 2012, after a World Premiere at the Venice Film Festival, The Man Who Laughs is Jean-Pierre Améris’ twelfth film and was co-written with Guillaume Laurant. A common thread throughout Améris’ work is wounded people, outcasts. “I identify with them,” he says. “I take people who are cast aside and put them at the center of the screen.”

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