16 August 2013

Poste de français dans centre de langues

PASADENA LANGUAGE CENTER cherche un enseignant de français.

We are a language Center in Pasadena that offers instruction in over 35 languages for adults and children, including French. We are currently looking for a French language instructor to teach group and private classes.

Contact:  Gina   626-844-5003   info@pasadenalanguage.com
Web:  www.pasadenalanguage.com
Adresse:  Pasadena Language Center, 46 Smith Alley, Suite 240, Pasadena CA 91103

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Unknown said...

Good morning, or good evening.

I am Peter, a french teacher currently working in France where I am french and english teacher in an academy and a stadium. I teach french to pro rugby players, among which I have different nationalities: Welch,Scottish, English, New Zealander, Australian and more.
I am French, French is my mother language.
I have been reading english at the Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand.
I am able to handle both groups and individuals. I already am working this way.
I am interested in your offer but my wife and I can't afford leaving France, unless we find a good opportunity.
Could you send me further details at

Best regards