26 November 2013

Si vos étudiants cherchent quelque chose a faire cet été...

Salut tout le monde!
Nous avons reçu une lettre cette semaine - si vous élèves cherchent quelque chose a faire apres les cours, voici une opportunité spéciale!
My name is Elina Kerzhner and I am one of the directors of the Summer Study Programs.  We offer pre-college and study abroad programs for high schools students and operate three programs domestically (Penn State University, Fordham University in NYC, and The University of Colorado Boulder), as well as an international program at The Sorbonne in Paris.  With Summer Study Programs, students are given the opportunity to take 2-3 enrichment classes while living near the university and have the chance to experience some of the finest daytime, evening, and night excursions available.  There is also an option to take French for college credit directly through The Sorbonne University (credits will be transferrable to universities).  I am writing to see if there is any way that we can work together in helping spread-the-word, or to attract students who have developed a genuine interest in the French language, to our programs for the summer of 2014.   
Given that our instructors are all bi-lingual and express fluency both in English and in French, we also give teachers the opportunity to bring a group of their students to the program and to become integrated in our daily excursions and activities, leaving the program at basically no cost to them.  The students would then be immersed into a fun, exciting and educational environment over the course of a 3-5 week period during the summer (with 170+ other students from all over the world).  This year, as young adults are continuously seeking summer opportunities abroad, we are looking to make our Paris program even bigger and better…
                Please feel free to contact me shall you have any questions or ideas as to how we can work together.  I invite you to visit our website (www.SummerStudy.com) to view all programs details, along with our 2014 brochures.  

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