22 February 2016

Important information for National French Contest teachers!!!

This is a message from Lisa Narug, the Contest administrator for the Grand Concours!  Check your email, or contact me to see if your payment has been registered.  (socal.grandconcours@gmail.com):

We will NOT charge late fees to orders received after 2/19; this year is a transition year, so we will allow late registrations at no extra cost.

A few notes:

1)     We have added a link to the login page on frenchcontest.org so that it's an easy link for teachers to tell students to browse to for log-in.

2)    Teachers *must* add a password for the 2016 Contest for all students. To maintain Contest security, we do not set up a generic password when we create the student accounts.

3)    Complete details, including a document on how to do this including step-by-step directions and screenshots is availablehttp://www.frenchteachers.org/concours/Resources/On-Line%20Testing%20Information.html

4)    Information for teachers:

  • Teachers MAY proctor their own students.
  • Students in a level may test at different times. Students in different levels may test in the same room.
  • A make-up Contest is not permitted for on-line testing. If a student is absent, they may not re-take the test on another day. (Since we do not offer make-up tests for paper and pencil testing, we cannot offer it for on-line testing.)
  • On-line testing is set-up for testing over more than one testing period: you may chose to do Part A one day and Part B a second day. Total time required is 60 minutes. Part A is from 15-25 minutes; Part B is 35-45 minutes (the remainder of 60 minutes)
5)   Students may access review tests an unlimited number of times through the review period which ends June 30, 2016.
For the 2016 Contest, student only have one access available to them.
  • If students leave the test screen (for example, if they type in the address bar to go to a different website), they will not be able to re-access this part of the Contest.
  • If students take too long and run out of time, they will not be able to re-access this part of the Contest.

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