30 November 2015

National French Contest - Les Dernieres Nouvelles!

2016 Contest registration is now available
The on-line store to order materials for the 2016 Concours is not yet ready but we are beginning to take orders and will process manually. We will post a follow-up message once the on-line store is ready. If a teacher registers now, it is not necessary to register again in the on-line store when it is available.

A noter:

1.      We are extending the deadline for registering for the paper and pencil test until  December 22, 2015. Beginning December 23, 2015 you may only enroll students for the on-line version of the Contest.
2.      Registration for the on-line test will be accepted until January 31, 2016. Starting February 1, 2016 registration will be available but a $2.00 per student late fee will apply.
3.      AATF Membership must be paid in full at time of order to take advantage of the member rate.
4.      We have created an on-line registration form. Teachers may complete and submit this form, we will send you an invoice via email reflecting this order. Payment may be made by check or credit card. Information will be sent with invoice.
5.      Payment may be sent after the deadlines listed above. Paper and pencil test materials and on-line access codes will NOT be sent until payment in full has been received.
6.      Please review our Policies carefully.


The following fees represent the National expenses, for basic test and audio recording development, duplication, and distribution; administrative costs; computer scoring/on-line testing; publicity; and awards. Chapters may add a charge to these fees to support local Contest expenses.
Base cost per student (before February 1):
·        AATF members: $3.50*
·        Non-members: $7.00*
*Chapters may add additional fees to support local Contest expenses and awards.
The cost per student is the same for both on-line and paper and pencil testing.
Teachers choosing paper and pencil testing will incur additional expenses:
  • Listening Comprehension CDs @ $7.00 per CD ordered
  • Shipping/handling charge of 10% of order/$10 minimum

Sample on-line test

A quick 12 question sample is available here. There will be some formatting changes in the final version, but this will give you a good idea of how the on-line version will work. Please try it out on different devices to give you a good idea of how the on-line Contest will function.

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